sábado, 3 de febrero de 2018

Virtual reality in the porn

It is very fashionable lately in the world of virtual reality. We are no longer conforming only to see a simple video but we want to go beyond.
Now what takes a lot are the videos in VR format, i mean the man gravel in the first person the scene where only the woman is seen. The producer of pornography that is very fashionable is Naughty America. His last scenes of pornography are usually of this type. They usually take about 2 or 3 scenes for weeks with spectacular pornstars that are very good as Karma RX. They know that to the public of today this type of format they love and have bet on it and have achieved a lot of benefits.

Another way to enjoy the virtual reality of pornography is with a special VR and Samsung is put to work to offer your new invention, if as you are imagining with a glasses type prismatic or typical that we put in the cinema but these are of the latest generation that make you see the scene completely real, as if you were in it there itself. As not those who have strongly opted for it is the great producer Brazzers, who do not escape or one, innovating all kinds of ideas to generate millions of dollars.

Can you imagine watching a movie with these glasses? In my personal opinion it is spectacular, amazing and wonderful to see it. Enjoy the huge boobs of Aaliyah Hadid bouncing without stopping or any of your favorite pornstars giving everything and your enjoying as if you were there with her.

This is the future that does not stop us from surprising friends and what awaits us in a short time.